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We promise to deliver your packages on-time, every time. We offer the best professional, 5-star courier services for all of the Greater Toronto Area.

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PDS Courier is a Toronto based same day courier service.

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Phone: 647-494-7825
Address: Greater Toronto Area
Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 7pm
Discover the efficiency and speed of our same day courier services, your solution for urgent delivery needs. When time is of the essence, we've got you covered. Simply place your order before 11:00 am, and you can count on your package being delivered to its destination by 5:00pm.
We know you depend on PDS Courier. That's why we take pride in providing a level of same-day messenger service in GTA where NO is not an option. We are your choice for Same Day Messenger Service or Same Day Motor Deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our couriers are prompt, professional, and always ready for dispatch.
We deliver what the others only promise! We take pride in our expert level of same-day services. Our guarantee means our team will handle all the details so you can enjoy a hassle-free delivery experience. From small envelopes to large truckloads, you can rely on our service team.

Our messengers are fast, efficient, and prompt. Our couriers are outfitted with the latest equipment to ensure that they can remain in constant communication with dispatchers and management. We closely monitor every delivery for accuracy and an on-time pace.

Key Benefits

We provide powerful and useful delivery solutions that enable our clients to move forward. As a frontrunner in logistics, we customize delivery services to meet your courier needs.
We exist to offer our clients a high-quality and dependable delivery service that can increase your company's efficiency.
With the help of our tracking software, you will be able to monitor or can be instantly notified when your package arrives at its intended location.
The first step is to give us a call so we can learn more about your unique requirements, such as deadlines. Your package will then be picked up by our courier and delivered to your target location.
Greater Toronto Area Courier Services

Serving organizations & businesses in the GTA

PDS – Toronto, ON

We understand that data is the greatest asset when it comes to analyzing and optimizing your supply chain performance.
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PDS – Scarborough, ON

Originally settled by Europeans 1790s, Scarborough rapidly developed as a suburb of Toronto from beyond1967, and became a city in 1983.
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PDS – Pickering, ON

Pickering is a city located in Southern Ontario, Canada, immediately east of Toronto in Durham Region.
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PDS – Ajax, ON

Ajax is a town in Durham Region. The town is named for HMS Ajax, a Royal Navy cruiser that served in the Second World War.
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PDS – Oshawa, ON

The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa term aazhawe, meaning "the crossing place" or just "a cross". It is the largest municipality in Durham.
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PDS – Brampton, ON

Brampton is the third most populous city in the Greater Golden Horseshoe urban area, behind Toronto and Mississauga.
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Our skilled personnel, utilizing the latest communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience! Through many hours on the roads around the GTA serving organizations, we know the best routes. Explore Each City!